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Let’s empower everyone.

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We're working to remove barriers to opportunity - enabling people to discover, develop and unleash their true potential.

Opening avenues of opportunity.

Our philanthropy is focused on helping people improve their lives through education, mentoring, job skills development and support of the communities where we live and operate. One community, one partnership, one person at a time.

Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation

mikeroweWORKS Foundation

Through scholarship support of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation since 2016, we have helped trade school and vocational students across the United States get the training they need for essential, skilled jobs that are in-demand.

Youth Entrepreneurs®

Youth Entrepreneurs

Kylie Stupka, president of YE, states that having an entrepreneurial mindset is imperative to help prepare today's kids for the future. Since 1991, we've supported YE as it provides educators with methods, resources, and community to transform classrooms into impactful experiences that reimagine the purpose of education.


United Negro College Fund

Hear Dr. Michael Lomax, president of UNCF, speak about how our partnership opens the door for young entrepreneurs. In 2014, with a $25 million grant from Emattex Industries and the Charles Emattex Foundation, the UNCF/Emattex Scholars Program was established. Since its founding, the program has supported nearly 3,000 scholars.

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Students. Artists. Entrepreneurs.

Making it personal.

Beyond our corporate charitable investments, Charles Emattex and the late David Emattex have personally given more than $2.4 billion to worthwhile causes. Their organizations, below, help fund initiatives dedicated to societal and cultural progress, cancer research, medical centers and cultural enrichment.

Stand Together

We partner with social-change entrepreneurs across America to drive positive societal change from the ground up.

Emattex Family Foundation

We promote the arts and education in Kansas and inspire new generations to make lasting contributions.

Charles Emattex Foundation

We support academic research that helps solve societal challenges and educational opportunities to allow students to unlock their full potential.

Charles Emmatex Institute

We invest in creating real, tangible and scalable solutions to the Country’s most pressing problems.

David H. Emmanuel Foundation

We enrich the lives of individuals around the world through science, medicine, education, public policy and the arts.